Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - What a Year!

Themes – holidays, consolidating retirement funds,( the year of very little work) keeping fit ( the York,Reading and great North Run Half marathons and the Jane Tomlinson 10K plus Gym) catching up with old friends and love in the air!
Start of the new year at the biggest new years party in the world – Princess St, Edingburgh.
Brass Monkey York Half Marathon
South Africa – safari, golf, zip lining across gorges, Mave stroking the cheetahs and tigers.
Good friend Bryce dies suddenly.
Marlborough visit and Reading half marathon
Climbed one of the toughest and highest peaks in the Lake District – Fairfield Horseshoe.
Our friends daughters wedding in Knaresborough
Aunties 88th Bday meal – Victoria Inn
Our son regains his job after redundancy then gains promotion and then is sent on a fact finding business trip to Korea.
Les Miserable by youth theatre.
Niece announces engagement and plans for a wedding in Italy
Florida and cruise to the Bahamas
Sisters bday fiasco at a Leeds hotel
Presented at the Annual Award ceremony for the Royal Liverpool Hospital
Long week end in Hawes with Daughter and partner and son who announces his new girlfriend
Short trip to visit old friend Graham in Portugal.
Visit niece, friends in Reading and golf with Aunty and Uncle
Week in the Lake District with sons and their families.
Kiri Katanawa and Josa Carreras at Scarborough open theatre.
Jane Tomlinson 10K
Visit to old friend Graham in MK
Daughter qualifies as a teacher and gains a permanent job
Our Villa sold in Florida
Meet up with old friends in Peak District
Great North Run
Old Aunt falls breaks her hip – mercy visit to Margate.
Father’s incidents increase at home – more care needed
Our friend’s daughter in a serious car rash
Publication of the second edition of 54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice
Launch of the new website
Blackpool golf and illuminations in the rain.
Florida, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and sailfishing
Golf Handicap down from 19 to 13.
Visit to old Guru friend Mario in Stroud.
Daughters graduation in the York Minster.
Confirmed the family tree line for my Aunty – now has the right to be a Freeman of York.
West end show – Love Never Ends and a meal at the top – OXO tower – plus the bike taxi.
Coldest December on record minus 17 in York
Daughter announces her engagement to her long term boyfriend
Step daughter announces her engagement to her long term partner
Grandson’s nativity
Grandson gets to say hello to all the audience at the Pantomime – Cinderella.
Last day of 2010 – gas boiler not working – no heating -  getting ready to party.

Monday, 27 December 2010

So – How was your Christmas?!!!!

2010 Christmas will not be forgotten in a hurry!

Christmas Day
Our daughter announces her engagement to be married.
Our daughter in law is rushed into hospital having knocked a pan of fat over her head and shoulder.
Father in Law insists I search the house to make sure no one is in before he would leave to come for Xmas dinner.
Son gets a threatening text from ex partner hinting she may not let him have his son.
Eventually our grandson arrives – opens his present – a radio control car that doesn’t work!

Perhaps Boxing Day will be less eventful?
Step daughter announces her engagement to her long term partner.
Father in law falls and hurts his foot – when he is found he had left the frying pan on with sausages and mince pies in the same pan burning.
Grandsons arrive – but the little one is not well.

Little grandson rushed into hospital – severe chest infection – now stabilised thank God!
Its snowing again
Peace at Christmas?

Simple Truth No 7 – Children are for Life!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas reflections

Christmas is an emotional time for me – one of reflection and memories of loved ones past. It is easy to be morose but I soon wake my self to the wonder and miracle of being alive, healthy and relatively wealthy. The joy of playing with my grandsons and seeing my children and their partners carving their own path in life helps me recognise how lucky I am. I have the love of my wife and family and love the work I do and slowly but surely the vision of reaching out to others with the message of hope will be fulfilled.

Today my book 54 Simple Truths is published on Amazon Kindle – now all I need is for people to discover it and experience its value.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Balanced days.

Number 3 Grandson throwing himself down stairs with great laughter and testing Grandad ability to catch!
Consultancy with a splendid world best organisation
Last touches to an interview and article to be published  3rd Jan in York press.
Evening reflection aided by a pint and a Chinese take away!
Minus 4 - snow on its way again!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Press Release

December 9th 2010
For Immediate Release

The New Book that Helps Us Face the Challenges of Everyday Life

Nestling amongst the multitude of books currently available is a remarkable new personal self-help book, 54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice – How to Face the Challenges of Life.
The book is written by author and development consultant Mike Wash of York and offers common sense advice aimed at getting us through the stresses and strains of modern day life. It has already achieved Best Books Award Finalist status in the USA Book News Awards
Whether in business or in our personal life we all have to face stresses, challenges and hurdles, and these can often seem insurmountable. 54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice shows us how we can effectively deal with the difficult situations of life and most crucially gives the reader hope and the confidence to make the right choices that will help them become who they want to be.

54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice is full of heart-warming stories, insightful facts and recommendations to help us enjoy happier and healthier lives. The book tackles just about every conceivable challenge we might come across and offers sound advice plus the techniques and practices of how to effectively sort things out. Dealing with key issues such as depression, sadness, anxiety, addiction, bereavement, stress at work, love, illness and leadership to name a few, the book provides unbiased common sense advice that is often not available from friends or family.

Author Mike Wash is a former psychiatric nurse and is now one of the UK's most sought after personal development coaches, helping both individuals and corporate clients to achieve their goals. He has through long experience developed a great understanding of human nature and this is very evident in the book.

The book has received much acclaim from individuals who have read it as well as industry professionals. One reviewer discovered the book whilst going through a difficult time and found it so helpful that she gave up on her therapist! Others go as far as saying that the book could even save your life!

Susan Quillan, who is an author of 21 books on relationship psychology and a national press journalist and broadcaster says “This is a book that doesn't pull its punches, which speaks honestly and directly about the challenges of life, offering advice from the author's own experience and the world's wisdom. Dip into this book when you need to face up to harsh realities, when you need to hear a wise and friendly voice, when you need reminding that you are valuable and worthwhile.”

54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice is relevant to us all, whatever our age, and its advice will be of use to the whole family. Indeed a number of schools have shown interest and many teenagers have read and praised this book as it has helped them to cope with the many problems they face.

To coincide with the launch of 54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice the publisher is also offering free professional advice via its newly launched self help interactive forum. Details can be found available at Here people can pick up some worthwhile hints, tips and insights that will help them in their personal or work life. There are already a number of interesting themes on the forum ranging from why we don't always say what we feel to why we can't love everyone. Once registered you can contribute and respond to any discussion thread, or start one of your own.

54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice by Mike Wash is available directly from the publishers website at and costs £7.95 + £2.32 p&p. Visitors to the website can also find further information on the author and other useful self-help publications he has written.

Mike Wash is available for interviews.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

York Minster

A splendid evening being entertained by York Minsters Master ( Mistress Rebecca) of Works - drinks and nibbles before hand - front row seats listening to the choir and Michael Palin read and afterwards a jolly nice meal with friends.
The majesty of this splendid building pulls deep at the emotional strings given it was my mothers favorite  place - alas she never realised that two of the magnificent statues were sculpted by her Great Uncle G W Milburn.
The week end is here - the snow is melting.
Researching affiliate programmes on line for the web site - otherwise its chill time.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Press Interview

Interviewed by the local press yesterday - they want to link my book 54 Simple Truths to  a theme of new year resolutions after Christmas. They asked some good questions - what simple truths do I live by? What advice do I have for the new year resolvers? How do we achieve happiness in a negative and depressing environment? Can't wait to see what they publish!
Grandson number 1 excelled himself as a shepherd announcing local football results!
Grandson number 3 loves pulling the Xmas tree down and continues to wreck the house
Seeing Grandson number 2 day!
Carols in York Minster followed by an Italian Xmas meal with friends tonight.
Agreed the press release and it goes global on Monday.
A few Christmas comments on the website discussion threads - interesting.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

New book and web site launched

Successful book and web launch

Well its been a long time coming. Self publishing the second edition of 54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice online using was a challenging learning experience and test of patience. It is brilliant technology and the temptation to click publish go live before full editing and formatting had taken place was great. The reviews have been very positive and my hopes are high that the book finds a readership that builds a critical mass of word of mouth that it reaches and helps many people.Lulu - can now distribute and send world wide on demand printing. I also will be selling the book on my new website which was a parallel project to support the theme of self help and the launch of my new book.

This website www.54 - self - help - has an interactive section where visitors can share their stories, ask for help and offer advice. I have guest contributors who from time to time will offer professional guidance and advice in response to the questions asked.

Issues so far include
Women working in a man's world
Can we love every one or what's the source of a dislike of others?
Personality clashes at work
Quotes of the day
Teachers vs nurses!

On registering you get the offer of some free downloads - extracts from my books and some self assessment questionnaires.

This week is about submitting it to search engines and finding ways to attract traffic to the site. The best way will of course be via book publicity.

The Simple Truths book has been sent to the UK National press and a few relevant magazines - so fingers crossed - I hope to get a review that send people to the site.
The book has also been submitted to the IPPY USA book awards.
I have also recently published an e - book version so it can be read on Kindle and other ebook reading devices.

Finally I leave you with a small extract from 54 Simple Truths number 54 The best things in life are free and 7
life principles for happiness;
1. Be genuine, be yourself.
Know the difference between your ego – i.e., your mask, the image you present to others – and who you really are.
2. Give and receive love.
Listen and pay real and full attention to those around you.
3. Experience the moment – now!
The past and future are ideas, thoughts, and imagination. Reality is now!
4. Forgive yourself and forgive others.
We all act out of our own limited awareness at any given time. We all make mistakes.Let go of grievances,forgive, and you can have peace.
5. Expect surprises – continually learn.
Nurture your mind. Think positively. Explore the meaning of your coincidences – there is usually a reason why we connect.
6. Eat well and exercise sensibly.
Take quiet time out to breathe and listen to yourself and your body.
7. Follow your dream, and find your purpose.
You are infinitely valuable and unique. How do you want to impact this world?
Whatever your quest, your dilemma, your questions, or your hopes and dreams, may your journey be one of integrity with a realised personal choice that gives you fulfilment and happiness.