Thursday, 9 December 2010

New book and web site launched

Successful book and web launch

Well its been a long time coming. Self publishing the second edition of 54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice online using was a challenging learning experience and test of patience. It is brilliant technology and the temptation to click publish go live before full editing and formatting had taken place was great. The reviews have been very positive and my hopes are high that the book finds a readership that builds a critical mass of word of mouth that it reaches and helps many people.Lulu - can now distribute and send world wide on demand printing. I also will be selling the book on my new website which was a parallel project to support the theme of self help and the launch of my new book.

This website www.54 - self - help - has an interactive section where visitors can share their stories, ask for help and offer advice. I have guest contributors who from time to time will offer professional guidance and advice in response to the questions asked.

Issues so far include
Women working in a man's world
Can we love every one or what's the source of a dislike of others?
Personality clashes at work
Quotes of the day
Teachers vs nurses!

On registering you get the offer of some free downloads - extracts from my books and some self assessment questionnaires.

This week is about submitting it to search engines and finding ways to attract traffic to the site. The best way will of course be via book publicity.

The Simple Truths book has been sent to the UK National press and a few relevant magazines - so fingers crossed - I hope to get a review that send people to the site.
The book has also been submitted to the IPPY USA book awards.
I have also recently published an e - book version so it can be read on Kindle and other ebook reading devices.

Finally I leave you with a small extract from 54 Simple Truths number 54 The best things in life are free and 7
life principles for happiness;
1. Be genuine, be yourself.
Know the difference between your ego – i.e., your mask, the image you present to others – and who you really are.
2. Give and receive love.
Listen and pay real and full attention to those around you.
3. Experience the moment – now!
The past and future are ideas, thoughts, and imagination. Reality is now!
4. Forgive yourself and forgive others.
We all act out of our own limited awareness at any given time. We all make mistakes.Let go of grievances,forgive, and you can have peace.
5. Expect surprises – continually learn.
Nurture your mind. Think positively. Explore the meaning of your coincidences – there is usually a reason why we connect.
6. Eat well and exercise sensibly.
Take quiet time out to breathe and listen to yourself and your body.
7. Follow your dream, and find your purpose.
You are infinitely valuable and unique. How do you want to impact this world?
Whatever your quest, your dilemma, your questions, or your hopes and dreams, may your journey be one of integrity with a realised personal choice that gives you fulfilment and happiness.

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