Thursday, 27 January 2011

Getting old and keeping young

Strange Times 
Improvements on the website continue.
Library and Independent books stores in the USA sent a flyer high lighting the book.
A website for teenage girls publishes an online interview I gave about 54 Simple Truths.
Managed to organise a family celebration for my 89 yr old Aunt
Daily visiting to hospital to my 88yr old father in law admitted after a minor stroke ( can a stroke be minor?)
Successfully facilitated a major conference with good feedback
Book proposal sent to Crown publishers – they are at least considering it.
Wonderful experience watching Cirque du Soliel at the Royal Albert Hall – London
Why do most people at my Gym look super fit!?
Still wondering how to get the book sold and to stimulate sales via the website and other routes – any ideas?

Monday, 17 January 2011


Interesting - Crown of Random House - one of the largest publishers globally have said they would consider my proposal and Harper Collins another publishing giant have said they dont accept unsolicited proposals but invite you to join thier self publishing forum which as far as I can tell is yet another website to entice hungry self publishers to sell their wares - including me - have a look at
So - the last resort in a few weeks time if no takers will be an agent.
Watch this space!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Realistic dreams?

 I don’t know how any self publisher successfully markets their book to a degree where they achieve high number of book sales. By high – I mean over a 1000 books. I am a dreamer and still believe my book 54 Simple Truths could be a million best seller. I suspect, however, many self publishers believe that’s possible. So, am I in cloud cuckoo land? Have I done enough?
Paid for professional Press Release – world wide exposure
Designed and launched a web site specifically linked to the book
Marketing through social websites Facebook and twitter and authors den.
Press articles in the local press
Advertising in the magazine going to all libraries and Independent book sellers in the USA
Entered the book for a book award
Sent the book to all National Newspapers and relevant magazines
The book is available on all major book websites

Why do I still believe it’s a winner?

The first edition achieved some exposure because of Bel Moonies article in the Daily Mail – I sold about 200 copies directly and received a lot of positive feedback.
The second edition is much better – more appealing illustrations ( they support rather than distract ) and a story either challenging or inspirational to support each simple truth. Every review and feedback I have had tells me it’s a book that can offer real help and add value to peoples lives.

Yet still – no one really knows it exists.

If I had a publisher – they would have direct access to major distributors and booksellers. The main book outlets do not talk to self publishers and will only consider stocking a book if the record of sales is significant.

So, where do I go from here?
I await the outcome of the advertising in the States and the book award initiative but don’t have much confidence in these.
I have approached one of the biggest publishers – Crown of Random House – I have offered them the book – they are considering my proposal.

I hope the next blog has some positive news.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Latest press review