Saturday, 16 July 2011

June - The vulnerability of life

June 2011

A number of events recently have stopped me in my tracks.
A trip to Alaska to explore the vast wilderness created the opportunity to get close to the giant glaciers melting and caving in as this planet of ours warms up and begs the question – are we doing enough to sustain our home for future generations.

We were lucky enough to get close to giant hump back whales – one swam under our small boat and then we found 12 Whales feeding together –  they were collectively cooperating to herd fish, and then like some synchronised swim they move and leap into the air with their mouths open to feed. This took our breath away and all of sudden we felt humble and vulnerable. There is something about the power of nature that reminds us of how small and powerless we are in changing the course of nature but we can damage it – and with that comes some responsibility. In particular – the importance of educating now and for  future generations, the importance and power of personal choice and responsibility.

A friend of mine died suddenly – no warning – dropped dead while helping someone with some DIY – he was dead before the paramedics got there – yet days before we were laughing and joking on the golf course – he was large as life and lived it to the full – yet gone in a flash.

Simple Truth 2 Death is inevitable
ST 5 You will grieve
ST 54 The best things in life are free

‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the
moments that take our breath away.’

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