Friday, 11 May 2012

Will I go to Heaven?

Will I go to Heaven?
What is this place called heaven? Is it a place or a state of being?
I believe it is a state of being – a state that every person searches for – some not knowing they are searching.
The state is total happiness.
To be happy we need to know ourselves deeply to the core and understand who we are in relation to everything else in the world.
This is the path of spiritual awareness – some follow it through institutional religion some tour the world, others sit under trees and meditate, and some feel the need to preach to others their understanding so they gain comfort in that they have spread their word. 
No one has all the answers.
I believe Jesus was a healer a philosopher and wise man. In his time the world needed a different way and hence created followers – Christians.
The Bible was written by others who were also on the spiritual journey – recording their insights and events that gave them enlightenment. It’s a good book but so is the Koran. The messages in the bible and Christian faith are very similar to all religions ie
We are all one family
Love your neighbour
We are part of everything that goes on in this world therefore we do care.
Be non judgmental and forgive those who trespass upon us.
These and many other core insights to effective and happy living are not easy and can slip away from us at anytime especially when we are under stress or angry for whatever reason.
People take time out to quietly meditate, reflect and focus on these things almost as a top up of the’ good stuff’ (faith some call it) – going to a church or holy sight or somewhere full of splendor can have the same effect eg the Grand Canyon or the Lakes.
Happiness and therefore heaven comes from a deep appreciation of the joy of life and the celebration of what we have.
However – there remains a mystery – this thing called God. I believe it refers to the ultimate potential human state -  only occasionally discovered through miracles and the unexplained occurrences in life eg Indian astrologers writing about your history before you are born
People healing themselves through prayer and positive visualization
Lourdes,Telepathy,Intuition etc etc
No one knows for definite how the world began
Most recognize the Big Bang explanation ie spontaneous explosion of gasses to create a universe – but what else, what was before that, how big is the universe and is there a power that we do not know having an influence – could this be God?
In away – it doesn’t matter. We are what we are and we make the most of it and the best is happiness which cannot be found in material things – only through the love we give and receive.
You are a loving person, I know and you are going to make a difference in this world and the next. Ah!! The next???
I believe there is a next. I believe your spirit never dies. The body does but your spirit lives on.
Sometimes it becomes a new person, (evidence in past lives, reincarnation etc) Sometimes it disperses into your loved ones and sometimes both.
The spirit of my mother lives in me, my deceased sister – not sure but I see and sense her a lot particularly when I feel at risk – so her spirit is protecting me. She said she was going to come back as a magpie – which fits as she was very mischievous!
For children and to many adults this thinking is difficult and I believe the institute of the church uses the stories and symbols to get over the, in our case a Christian way of life
And leaves it up to the individual to how deep they go to helping them become aware of who they really are and what real happiness is.
I believe if you are as true to yourself as you can be and do no others harm then heaven is an open door. When our body dies I believe our spirit joins with our loved ones dead and alive and something special happens – people who die can have more influence on the living than when they were alive. This is through understanding why they where in your life in the first place and the messages passed on through to your own loved ones
These are great questions to have now and you will re-visit them at different stages in your life. The answers will remain the same but the meaning will be at a different depth.
Peace and Happiness
Michael Wash

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